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Gregg Gallagher

Originally from the North Shore of Long Island, New York… “The Gold Coast”, Gregg Gallagher brings a unique dynamic to the building community here in Florida. He is driven, he knows what true quality workmanship is and he knows what a customer wants and deserves from a builder. There are those who do this just to make a living and there are those who are living their passion. “I know that this is what I was put on this earth to do .. .It is my God given talent… I can’t wait to go to work everyday… I absolutely Love It!”

As a young man, Gregg became skilled as a master Mason and Master Carpenter. Combine that with a back-ground in design and architecture, he brings a dynamic perspective to every project. His meticulous command of the details and creative problem solving skills assure that his clients are delivered an extraordinary product.

His respect for the roles and processes each participant in the project brings with them has earned him the pleasure of uncommon loyalty among sub-contractors, designers and architects. His commitment to bringing his clients the full benefit of his experience, skill and artistry is backed by his longstanding staff of gifted craftsmen and skilled sub-contractors. Clients and architects alike attest the team delivers impeccable work every time and always makes the construction experience a pleasurable one.